Scallywag – noun  scal·ly·wag  \ˈska-li-ˌwag\

My Definition:
1.  Project pat said it best, “Bald-head skally-wag, ain’t got no hair in the back. Gelled up weaved up, yo hair is messed up!”  My exact thoughts the minute cancer decided to steal my hair. It didn’t fall out right away. But once it started I was forced to cut it all off.  But instead of allowing my hair to define me I decided to adopt the term “Scally” and say fuck cancer with a capital F.
Merriam – Webster Definition: :
1. Scamp, Reprobate  2. a white Southerner acting in support of the reconstruction governments after the American Civil War often for private gain
Urban Definition:
1. A scandalous wench of a woman, known for being a lying ass bitch. She will often say one thing to your face but turn around and say something else to another.