Why are we here?


Well hello there! πŸ˜€ Welcome to the world of scally!!! First I would like to apologize for deciding to do this so late in the game. So now the catch up story “The Tea” is mad long lol. This blog stuff is all so new to me. Pictured above is me Crystal R’nae completing the 14th round of Nivolumab (my 3rd chemo regimen) the newly approved immunotherapy drug that would soon determine my fate. As you may have read in “The Tea” I started this chemo about 4 months after the FDA approved it. After 2 other failed chemo treatments this was the last determining factor of whether or not I would be able to proceed to have my bone marrow transplant. If this too had failed I would have become the newest lab rat member of the Johns Hopkins University Hospital clinical trial group. But we will get into that a little more in detail later with that whole process. For those who truly know me know that I am a very private person when it comes to my my personal business or emotions. I strategically allow people to know what I want them to know and mask my emotions very well. Starting this blog was a lot harder and much more challenging than I thought. I found myself backing down on what I wanted people to know and questioned the benefit of it very frequently. Quickly I got it together by consistently reminding myself that the reason I started this blog wasn’t about me and how I feel. Doing this was so much bigger than myself and my struggles. This was an opportunity to give back to people , something I love doing. The grim adventures of Scally was not created to blast my business or to receive a pity party. Most people know I don’t respond to those very well anyway! But I believe god gave me this disease for this exact reason.

I believe that my purpose in life especially with going through this is so I can share my story and be one of the few who can show people that being diagnosed with cancer is not the end of the world. Yes you may feel like shit most of the time but it does not mean you have to look like shit or stop living. I want to show people that despite whatever they may be going through it is ok to still be strong and fierce while having a little bit of vulnerability. My goal is to hopefully inspire those who might be walking around with a heavy heart for one reason or another and to uplift them and/or to provide an outlet. This blog is not restricted to cancer talk only. I want to inspire, educate and provide a space where people can turn to if they need to talk, have questions, or simply just need a pick me up for the day.

I want you guy’s to embrace my story because I want to provide full insight behind all things cancer from a patients perspective. My goal is to keep it 100% with sharing my experiences emotionally and physically dealing with cancer all while being a new mom, an artist and working Full-Time. I plan to share tips on how to get through those bad days and manage side effects. Yes, once again I apologize I’m about a year and a half late getting started but I say better late than never because I believe the information can and will be very valuable to others as opposed to just sitting in my head.

Realistically NOONE wants to talk cancer. Most people hide the fact that they have it and/or try to live like it never happened for those who have survived.When I got diagnosed I didn’t know who to turn to. I don’t like family and friends feeling sad or bothered by my diagnoses so I avoided talking with them about it and when I did I tried my best to comfort them more so than getting comforted. I tried researching support groups and blogs and even tried pulling up hashtags on Facebook and Instagram just to try to find comfort in people going through the same or similar situation as me, but I kept coming up short. People really aren’t big on the topic!

I understand that cancer has effected most of us in a devasting way most of the time. But that is why I am here. To show you that there are ways of conquering your disease and making cancer your bitch! With this blog I hope you guys find it helpful and informative. There will be parts that may make you cry or sad because I am providing lots of detail and truth behind this smile and this life but please know my ultimate goal is not to make you sad but to show you you can overcome. We may not be able to control the hand we are dealt but we can damn sure control how we play the game. This is scally’s world! Where love, laughter, happiness, fun and most importantly art are the major keys! The more carefree the better. I will be sharing all things scally on this blog so fair warning I’m kind of a weirdo LOL! But who’s to say what’s weird? lol I hope you fellow scally’s enjoy! Be blessed.


2 thoughts on “Why are we here?

  1. Auntie Dawnie says:

    I am called the GLUE!! Why? I am the Krazy Glue that holds my family (with shared DNA and Non DNA) my brothers and sister in Christ together. I didn’t understand my job on earth but as my faith grew and understood the Almighty’s words, I have accepted his Master Plan as his angel, teacher, support beam to all who cross my path. I realize my story can help someone as Crystal’s will. To God be the Glory!!


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